I've been writing and drawing comic books for fun and pleasure for nearly fifty years. On May 19th, 2009, I quit my 25-year-long job in Information Technology to make a living writing, drawing and publishing comic books and freelancing my skills in graphic design. I've created freelance work (writing, lettering, art, coloring and graphic design) for publishers, cartoonists and organizations as diverse as Paul Pope, Silver Comics, The Wexner Center at the Ohio State University, The Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, Dark Horse Comics, Caliber, Airship 27, The White Eagle Theatre, Available Light Theatre, Nix Comics Quarterly, Moosepath Press, Mort Walker, Burger King, Cracked Magazine, the YMCA and many more.

I was born December 4, 1961, in Columbus, Ohio. Inspired by Carl Barks' Disney comics, EC comic books, and a Tintin graphic novel given to me by my father, Ronald, I began drawing my own comic books around the age of 9. In 1972, I was exposed to the work of genius cartoonist Jack Kirby, forever inspiring me to want to write, draw and publish comic books.

After winning a Governor's Award of Excellence from Ohio Governor James A Rhodes, I attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, augmenting my education by attending showings of Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch films at local art theatres, as well as directing my own short films. In the mid '80s, I began writing, drawing, and self- publishing a series of digests and mini-comics, as part of the New Wave or Small Press movement. Two of my series, This Eternal Flaw and Pictures of Benevolence, won critical acclaim, and my The Get-A-Lifes #1 was named best mini-comic of the year by Small Press Feedback magazine.

I also began to produce freelance penciling, inking and lettering in the early '90s for such comic books as AMF's Cosmic Waves, and entered the field of art design with my logo and CD cover art for the indy group Dark Dixie ("The Manson-Nixon Line").

In 1995, I began a three-year long stint lettering for the internationally published cartoonist-provocateur Paul Pope/aka Pulp Hope (THB, Heavy Liquid, Batman: Year 100, 100%), contributing to his One Trick Rip-off graphic novel serialized in Dark Horse Presents, as well as various THB-related stories published by Pope's own Horse Press.

I then began producing and submitting my own work. Two comic stories, "I Was a Scapegoat for Love" and "Victorian Dream", were accepted and published in issues 39 and 46 of Caliber's Eisner and Harvey award nominated anthology series, Negative Burn.

In 1999, my fifteen page noir drama, "A Greater Honor" (loosely based on a true story from Herodotus' Histories), was published in Amazing Montage's Murder By Crowquill mystery anthology book; proceeds from the book's sale were donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Early in 2000, I published the Quacky Pig and Friends Coloring Book, featuring the debut of Quacky Pig, Lovey Dovey, Psychoid, and Sally Mouse. Later that year, I began writing, drawing, and publishing online (with the assistance of startup capitalists Enter Polonius) a serialized, satirical Quacky Pig and Friends comic strip, culminating in a Quacky Pig graphic novel which remains unpublished. A line of Quacky Pig clothing was also released during this time.

My Reactionary Tales #1 was self-published in 2001, a psychedelic superhero comic book which was nationally distributed to comic book and pop culture stores. This book was funded by a grant from the Xeric Foundation, and featured the debut of Larvae Boy, Emperor of the Insect World, the first three chapters of This Eternal Flaw, a written and drawn introduction by Paul Pope and the first appearance of The Signifiers Universe.

I returned to the mini-comic format soon after with Michael Neno's Dream and The Toy Box, had work published in Cracked Magazine, and wrote and drew "Big Blue", an homage to Golden Age cartoonist Fletcher Hanks, published in Fightin' Fun's All Fist Comics #1. I also colored a Beetle Bailey drawing for charity, drawn by Mort Walker, wrote and drew the cover story for Juan Ortiz' Siver Comics #8, and illustrated Sirianus' satirical book, The Lost Quatrains of Nostradamus, available now on Amazon.

The next several years were a torrent of creative activity. I illustrated a cover and penciled, inked, colored and lettered five stories for Ken Eppstein's Nix Comics Quarterly (a rock'n'roll/horror anthology). I also designed a poster for Indie Comics Fair 2013, sponsored by Nix Comics Quarterly and SPACE, as well as posters for musicians Mark See, Dawn Landes, Moon High and Billy Cash.

In early 2010, the next chapter in The Signifiers Universe epic was released: The Signifiers #1. The wacked-out psychedelic epic garnered excellent online reviews and tweets! The second issue was was funded by Kickstarter and published in 2012. My illustrations for a western short story were recently published in the first volume of critically acclaimed novelist Van Reid's new fiction anthology series, The American Zig-Zag. I also illustrated the second, recently published volume.

An El Muerto pinup in Javier Hernandez' new Comic Pop anthology was published in 2011. I recently illustrated two books for publisher Airship 27: Deathwalker, by R.A. Jones, published in 2012, and a new collection of Jim Anthony short stories published in 2013. I've also created 12 frames of art for the animated video for indie band Times New Vikings' new "No Room to Live" single, available for viewing on YouTube now. Check it out!

Soon after the above, I finished a year-long project drawing a chapter of Columbus, Ohio writer Jennifer Smither's Outbreak, in comic strip form and now appearing on Prezi, drawn a promo flyer for SPACE 2014, painted a large wall sign for Frankie's Pizza in Gahanna, Ohio, painted a window sign for Elizabeth's Records in Clintonville, Ohio, drawn a new promo poster and a new comic book cover for Nix Comics Quarterly, drawn two stories for The Wexner Center at the Ohio State University's Weinland Park Story Book project, submitted an Adventure Time cover to comics publisher Kaboom!, began serializing my new comic book, The Emotionists on ComixPress, had a new short comic, "In My Journeys I Saw...", published in Washington DC's comic newspsaper, The Magic Bullet, lettered a new comic book based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Landslide, published a new micro comic, Quacky Pig's Fortune Cookie Messages and colored two new comic book covers penciled by Sterling Clark, one inked by Sal Buscema, one inked by Joe Sinnott. I've also drawn and painted many commissioned illustrations, canvases and comics unpublished and in the homes of personal collections.

In recent years I've designed an album cover and concert poster for Tod and the Bad Reasons, created concert posters for the New York bands Judex and The Wholly Saints, drawn and colored an alternate version of painter George Bellows' "Stag at Sharkey's" for the first Comics vs. Art exhibit, drawn an alternate take on a James Thurber drawing for the 2016 Cartoon Carnival exhibit sponsored by the historic James Thurber House, formatted for print, lettered and colored the graphic novel, The Witches of Dunforge and the comic book, Defenders of Mars, both by Verl Holt Bond, have produced illustrations for all four volumes of The Digest Enthusiast, have given an extensive interview to Copy This! magazine, designed a logo for the Cosine Cadets comic series, painted a mural wall for Asia's Hope's Columbus, Ohio office, lettered for the comic books Landslide, Sons of Yellowstone, Dinosaur Arsonist and Glenn Reaper, inked for Image Comics' The Mantle, drawn a pinup for the comic book series Seed Seekers, created a promo poster for Landslide, hand drawn a commission for a Ham Radio QSL card, illustrated the YA novel, Nod, by Anthony Siriano, illustrated a collection of Pulp Sonnets by Kate Sherrod, drawn three monthly calendars of events for Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza, colored a cover for the comic book series Lower East Side Story, drawn a promotional poster for the Champion City Con 2016, written, drawn and published the minicomics, Junior Class Drawings, What To Do When Approached By a Creepy Clown, Document No. 30 and The Quacky Pig Nursery Rhyme Book, designed merchandise for the Cinevent Classic Film Convention, drew and colored the story "Hero Worship" for Not So Super Publishing's anthology, Humanescent, and drew the poster for Available Light Theater's production of The History Boys.
In addition to my graphic design work, I've done social media consultation for local businesses and curated four art exhibits at Wild Goose Creative: Steinweiss: the Inventor of the Record Album Cover; Long-Hair Music: Classical Music's Response to the Counter-Culture; Hey Kids!: A History of Comic Book Advertising; and a presentation of my own work: Simplexity. In addition, I've exhibited art in Wild Goose's A Bowl Full of Happiness exhibit, Wild Goose's Panels in Pink exhibit Stories in Four Colors: Cartoon Art in Ohio in Newark's The Works museum and the Ohio Art League's Local Comics Pop-Up Store and Creation Process Exhibit.

Lastly, I am available for covention appearances and book signings in stores and festivals and do take commission requests for spot illustrations, paintings and freelance comic book lettering, coloring and inking.