In the future a civil war rages on behalf of and against a mysterious, mind-influencing entity known as The Voyst. In connection with the rise of The Voyst, an “event” has caused instantaneous mutations among many humans, giving them attributes of animals and other as-yet undocumented creatures.

The following series comprise the Signifiers Universe:

The Signifiers, starring Splash, raised in the backwater, protected neighborhood of Millbrook. Agents controlled by The Voyst want Splash dead. Neither he nor they know why. Two issues of The Signifiers have been published.

Larvae Boy, Emperor of the Insect World. Larvae Boy was accidentally reduced to insect size and lives his bored days wishing to be a real boy again. The first Larvae Boy appeared in the Xeric Grant-awarded Reactionary Tales #1. A second story will be appearing in The Signifiers #3 in 2013.

Landlark, the Heat-Seeking Dwarf. The series stars a dwarf. A heat-seeking dwarf. What more do you need to know? Landlark chapters appeared in The Signifiers #1 and 2; he’ll be scoring his own comic book series in 2013.

This Eternal Flaw, starring an unnamed costumed do-gooder with a job interview looming, in battle with the diabolical, acid-obsessed Mr. CanineThis Eternal Flaw began in Reactionary Tales #1 and will be continued soon.

The Emotionists, starring four friends and freaks brought together to fight stuff by a mysterious cowled leader who swears he’s not a cat. The Emotionists received a sneak-preview in The Signifiers #2, is being serialized on this very site and will be receiving its own book.

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